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Stem Cell Shampoo & Conditioner

While I know that brands might just be taking advantage of the “stem cell bandwagon” nowadays, I still went right ahead and added it to my shopping cart. With one of its ingredients being Virgin Coconut Oil, which promotes hair growth and not containing SLES or SLS, which we have successfully purged our toiletries stock from for years now, and it being BFAD approved, how I can go wrong?

StemCell Shampoo and Conditioner

The packaging was good. I love things in a tube, especially because the opening is at the bottom. This makes it practical for me not to have to shake the container upside down when the content is going gone. I did not miss the cheap sticker seal too, which I think earned it additional plus points. Not a lot of products have that nowadays.


L’Oreal Professionnel and Kikay Corner’s Wear Your Color Proud GIVEAWAY!

Before the day ends, here’s one lovely news to Kikay Corner readers: L’Oreal Professionel is sponsoring this Wear Your Color Proud Hair Color Service treat. It will be like a “Meet and Greet” event with one of my lucky readers! Yay! Girl bonding at its finest where I will get to enjoy  proper consultation and diagnosis for our respective skin tones, with one of my dear readers. And you have now until this coming Friday to join! I will be announcing the winner, Friday night, October 25.

This is in line with L’Oreal Professionnel’s advocacy to be able to provide every Filipina the perfect hair color using the right hair color brand for them through proper consultation and diagnosis. It is L’Oreal’s aim to be able to educate stylists on the science of proper skin tone diagnosis to be able to give every woman the color that will help them become more confident and enhance their natural beauty.

Wear your color proud

Regardless if you’re a mestiza, morena or chinita, you can achieve the hair color that you want by selecting the right shade that suits your skin tone best. Through a combination of proper consultation and understanding of LP’s color brands, every Filipina can achieve that perfect look and that perfect color they want to have.

L’Oreal Professionnel makes it easier for us to WEAR YOUR COLOR PROUD. Kikay Corner and one of her dear readers will be TWO OF THE FIRSTS to try out this service. Sweet! Because we will have first dibs on this, our Wear Your Color schedule will be this coming Saturday, October 26, 2013. If you think you can spare a moment that day for an absolutely free exclusive treat with me at Tony & Jackey, courtesy of L’Oreal Professional, jump on over to the mechanics and join! 😀


Keratin Treatment by Louis Phillip Kee

What girl does not want to be pampered? Not me, for sure! I had my lovely share of pampering some two weeks back when I got invited to check out Louis Phillip Kee’s newest Salon. It was timely since I have been putting off, for months now for my locks to get some serious treatment. Blame it on the couple of perming treatments I had it go through last year. I thought since my hair is naturally wavy, I can get away with permed hair, perceiving it to lean towards the “wash and wear” type. No need to worry over wavy roots peeking. Yes, that has a lot to do with my tendency to be lazy to style.

Louis Phillip Kee

 Louis Phillip Kee Premier Salon is love! I have heard a lot about Louis from my dear friend, Frances of from years ago, I remember thinking of scheduling a visit then. That never came to fruition since I live so many kilometers away. This premier salon is good news for me since it’s only around 10 minutes drive from where I live. Sweet!  Although I had to park at the nearby Tile center, since the salon’s parking area was full packed on that day. It is right smack Shopwise Libis, which can be very convenient too.

Louis Phillip Kee Premier Salon has private rooms to boot, which can transform into a sparty of sorts for girl dates, for bridal shower showers even. Each private room has a flat screen TV for watching movies. They offer special group rates at no added charges. Now that’s a treat!


 Now back to my hair treatment. My first experience with Keratin Treatment in 2011, while I loved the after effect, I did wish the shampoo and conditioner routine that came with it, were more olfactory-friendly. The Coppola shampoo and conditioner tandem had this very strong fume. I later found out that it has high percentage of formalin. Yikes! I was delighted that Louis Phillip Kee salons use this Diora brand, which  (I believe anyone can forgive me for) I had to smell before the treatment was done. It had this lovely scent, no trace of that Coppola formalin smell.



There is a Bright Future for Your Hair with INITIALISTE Kérastase Serum

Twenty five years after creating the first hair masque, Kérastase has innovated once again by creating a revolutionary hair care product that works on your hair to make it more beautiful every day. INITIALISTE is the first Kérastase serum based on native plant cells that acts from the birth of the hair, enabling it to grow stronger, brighter and more beautiful than ever. Its exclusive Regenerative Complex® protects the scalp environment to optimise the production of the hair biomaterial, thus reinforcing fibre strength. Hair quality is improved from the source and for a long time. With INITIALISTE, an innovation inspired by skin care, Kérastase has turned a new page in hair care, ushering in a new era of stem cells biology.

Kerastase Initialiste


The scalp is essential to bringing out the sublime beauty of every woman’s hair, which is the mission of every Kérastase hairdresser. The scalp is where hair fibres are born. For this reason, the scalp deserves the same careful attention that is given to facial skin.

* The skin on the scalp is fine and delicate. The scalp is 4 times thinner than the skin on the rest of the body. The dermal-epidermal junction is twice as taut as the skin on the face

* This skin is made up of tissues with unique functionalities. It is endowed with a high concentration of neuro-sensors, with 2 stem cell reservoirs and immortal dermal papilla

* This skin is where sublime hair originates – a source of sensations, a source of colour, key to hair density and to growth



Top Japanese Hairstyling Brand, Lúcido-L Hair Supplement, Now Available in the Philippines

One of Japan’s top ladies’ hairstyling brands and Singapore’s no.1 ladies’ hairstyling brand is now available in the Philippines. Lúcido-L Hair Supplement is the answer for soft, manageable, beautiful hair. It lessens the hassles and reverses the damage brought about by other hair treatment products. The launch, held at SM Makati City, opened up with a hair fashion show, followed by short speeches from Lucido officials. There were also free hair treatment sessions for guests and visitors.


According to Hirotsogu Ohashi, General Manager for Mandom Philippines Corporation, Lúcido-L, “aims to provide long lasting, moisturizing treatment by restoring your hair’s natural moisture retaining system.” Ohashi explains, “The main reason for split ends and curls falling flat is due to lack of moisture in our hair.” Healthy hair should have the ability to retain moisture. This is where Cell Membrane Complex, or CMC, plays a vital role. A CMC-like ingredient is present in all Lúcido-L products. (more…)

Do Away with Premature Wrinkling, Hair Breakage with Lady Satin Pillowcases

As much as I have loved my 300 thread count cotton linens, those sleep lines against my face in the morning (and sometimes afternoon naps) cannot be denied. They don’t just give me away that I dozed off. Apparently, they have long haul effects – like premature wrinkling of the face and hair breakage. Explaining all those stray hair strands all over my pillows.

Lady Satin pillowcases
In all honestly, I found it rather odd when Lady Satin approached me and asked if I can review her product. It did not occur to me until lately that satin linens actually have hair and skin benefits. Of course, I can’t just take her word for it. I had to try and look it up for myself. I was actually meaning to use these satin pillowcases when we get settled in our newly renovated home. But we’re not moving until a couple of weeks. Did I already mention before about my not so very high EQ? The soft feel of the cases was just too inviting to ignore. Well, that’s another challenge I lost recently. Thus, this post. 🙂

lady satin pillow case tagLady Satin label sewn inside each pillowcase. 

lady satin pillow caseI threw them lazily right from when I pulled them out of the box and the satin soft texture can’t be denied. And yes! You read my mind right. I couldn’t wait to hurry to the bath and get to bed! — I wouldn’t want to get all my sweaty face (thanks to our 36ish very humid temperature) on my spanking satin soft pillowcases. Teehee! (more…)

My Hair’s Newest BFF: Kerastase Elixir Ultime

‘Because of all the hair treatments I had my hair go through these past years – Rebonding, Keratin Treatment, Rebonding again and just three months back permanent curls (I thought I’ve just had it with my so last season flat do, that I’ll just let my waves be and give them some kick), you can just imagine how damaged my hair has become. 🙁
I tried a handful of hair treatments but nothing restored my hair to health. From this teeny tiny 30ml bottle that is, The Souq Moroccan Argan Oil which I bought from a bazaar in Mega Trade Hall last year. I find it too pricey for its size at P1,500 a pop, to Ilog Maria’s Hair Oil. I love its scent but it hardly did anything to my hair. I also used the Sunflower oil of Human Nature and a whole bunch of other hair oils and treatments. I was on desperate mode! And I know so well that I have no one else to blame but myself.

1 Kerastase Elixir Ultime is sold every two minutes in the world!

Why am I not surprised?!  This I’ve got to say in all honesty, the first time I used Kerastase Elixir Ultime, I was able to actually comb my hair through the ends without tangles! Zero! Nada! I love it! On my second use, the split ends that have essential been a hair mainstay were almost non-existent. And all these happening without having to grease out my hair like most hair treatments would do to my hair!  I cannot be more thrilled to have my hair given this hope of being brought back to life! I didn’t know that it was even at all possible to have such immediate result!

The miracle that is in Kerastase Elixir Ultime is explained in its Oleo- Complexe Technology. It is the exceptional combination of 4 legendary oils: Argan, Maize Sprouts, Camellia and Pracaxi. This powerful mix of active ingredients brings to the hair all the beauty and sublime characteristics of radiance, softness, resistance and shine while leaving it feeling light. Nourished and enhanced the hair is protected from external aggressions.

What makes the 4 legendary oils so powerful anyway?

  • Maize Sprouts contain a powerful cocktail of smoothing and anti-oxidants agents that bring shine, softness and protection to hair. It supplies the nutrition our hair needs.
  • Argan oil is a famous recipe of beautiful hair. Its richness in Vitamins A, D and E makes it a perfect anti-oxidant. Argan Oil has high concentration of Omega 9 that makes it the protection component in the technology of Oleo-Complexe, Argan oil also leaves the hair supple and light.
  • Pracaxi oil has been used since the ancient times particularly for its ability to improve cellular renewal. Pracaxi oil is rich in lipids and saturated acids, it enhances the hair making it more solid and resistant.
  • Camellia Oil is a source of Vitamin F and Omega 3 & 9. Camellia oil is primarily responsible for the luster and shine and also has smoothing and strengthening action.

And these are the five ways to achieve beautiful hair with Elixir Ultime by Kerastase. All of which, I have to say, I have done. I would do everything to get my hair restored back to health. It’s my hair’s newest BFF! I have not seen my hair in better shape since I’ve had it gone through all those chemical treatments.

 Each bottle of Kerastase Elixir Ultime Grands Crus retails for only P2,280. It might not seem to be very cheap. But compared to the former Argan Oil I have used, this is a lot cheaper for a 125ml bottle – Kerastase Elixir Ultime is so worth every drop!  🙂

Hongkong’s Renowned Stylist Gary Sun Joins Ystilo Salon

Gary Sun made a name in the Hong Kong fashion industry after topping the Avante Garde Category of Hairdressing back in 2002. Ten years after, he is still making waves and he is still one of the most sought after hairstylists in Hong Kong. He is so good that he made it to international fashion shows by Gucci, YSL and Barney Cheng. Not counting his print exposures on Elle, B International, Ming Po Weekly, amongst other prestigious publications.

Ystilo Salon held a workshop last month by no less than Gary Sun for their Senior Stylists and some of us bloggers got to have a sneak peek.  Vina Morales, one of the owners of Ystilo Salon was there with us and was very accommodating to us bloggers. The Hairstyling Demonstration was held at Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan.

Vina was with her pretty “mini me”, Ceana. That girl is just adorbs! Look how game she is to tandem pose with her Rocking Momma Vina! 🙂


Kérastase Chroma Captive: The Best Luxury Hair Care for Colour-Treated Hair

Capture, Magnify and Protect Hair Color with New Kerastase Chroma Captive.

A guarantee every girl with color treated hair could make use of. I should know since I’ve had my hair colored notoriously since I was in college. Hair color treatment is one of those things we actually start doing and never go back. The problem though with hair color treatment, its intensity doesn’t really last a long time from the moment we step out of the salon.

Kerastase Chroma Captive got me even more convinced when Laura Charlton of David’s Salon totally vouched for it. “Love the new Chroma Captive range. I’ve tested it on several occasions, and each time, the results were great! The colours were preserved, with added shine and vitality. The Bain alone is great but using the complete range (with the masque and/or fondant) gives the best result. I will recommend this for all those who colour their hair. If they want their colour to last, then this is the perfect range to achieve hair colour perfection!”


Here’s to help us understand the dynamics of how Kerastase Chroma Captive does its job within this Chromatic Pyramid.

1) At the peak of the pyramid sits shine, which acts as the “top tone” of colour and is attacked by mechanical factors such as brushing and daily heat styling.

Linseed Oil in the Chroma Captive range is responsible for this as it repairs the hair stracture and coats its surace for maximum fibre homogeneity and light reflection.

2) The “heart tone” which sits at the heart of the pyramid represents colour protection which can be damaged by colour oxidation due to UV rays and free radicals.

The UV Filter + Vitamin E protects the color from all external aggressions.

3) Finally the “bottom tone” that represents colour intensity is affected by repeated washes.

Kerastase’s exclusively patented technology Zinc Gluconate traps the pigments deep within the hair shaft to stabilize the color. This allows the hair color to last more than it normally would without the Kerastase Chroma Captive range. 

Bain Chroma Captive Colour Radiance Protecting Shampoo retails for P1,483 and comes in 250ml bottles. I love the fragrance of this line, that’s for sure. Bain Chroma Captive is designed to leave the hair clean, soft and silky with shine like no other. Now that’s something I’d find out in the coming days. 😉

Fondant Chroma Captive Shine Intensifying Care retails for P1,693 and comes in 200ml bottles.  Hair fibre is left smooth and shiny, replenished and colour is brilliant and protected.

Masque Chroma Captive Shine Intensifying Masque retails for P 2,708 and comes in 200ml jars.  Hair is left smooth and silky, colour has superior shine.

All three products from Kerastase Chroma Captive range are Paraben free! Yay! That’s two thumbs up from me. And for those who don’t care, paraben is the one ingredient that you have to watch out for. Not just because it has been linked to breast cancer and fertility issues but for one’s overall health. These hair care products, we don’t actually ingest, sure. But these chemicals have a way to seep through your skin and into your system. My say, Hooray to Paraben free beauty products! 🙂

Sophie of Beautynomics, Bless My Bag, Mikki Galang, Brigitte, Rowena of Animetric’s World, Martha, Marj, Nikki of Askmewhats and Kim Rodriguez and Kikay Corner

I love that more and more reputable products are taking Paraben out of their products’s formula.  This is also why I’m giving Kerastase Chroma Captive range a shot. I already started using it last night. But will ultimately put Chroma Captive to the test when I get my next hair color treatment done in the coming weeks.

Pure Glow 5 in 1 Hair Treats by Ara’s Secret

Before I became a fan of Pure Glow 5 in 1 Hair Treats by Ara, there was KSA Magic All in 1 Hair Treats. I first started using Pure Glow Hair Treats when I first ran out of KSA Hair Treats and there was a Pure Glow kiosk in our nearby mall. The rest, as what they say, is history. As I have mentioned before I can be a little too lazy when it comes to multiple step anything. Be it hair care or facial care. So anything all-in is always welcome thing. But I only do get stuck to the good ones. And this one, for sure is one of them, since I haven’t bought another shampoo product for some years now. Save for the Avalon Organics which promises to thicken my hair strand. I only bought one bottle of that. Since it’s too rough on my hair, I don’t think I’m repurchasing.

Amongst the handful of all natural shampoos available in the market, why Pure Glow 5 in 1 Hair Treats by Ara’s Secret, you ask. First off, the ingredients: Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Aloe Vera, Moringa (Malunggay), Virgin Coconut Oil, D-panthenol , Glycerin. No SLES or SLS. That’s more than a plus for me. It meant I can share this shampoo with my son too. Second and essential of all, it pretty much does the job. Despite all the traumas I have had my hair under, I can say it stays manageable because of this fab product.