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Alternative Flip Flops

How about those flip flops from the market stalls or what we are fond calling “tiangge.” If you are lucky you could actually buy a comfy pair at a hundred bucks. But you shouldn’t expect too much from it. Give it four months or more to last, but it’s fine if you’d think about it.

What’s Your Favorite Flip Flops Brand?

Gone are the days when wearing flip flops is just for the people living in the shanties. In fact, the revolution of flip flopping has been here for sometime now that every corner you look, branded slippers fashion are all you see. That can’t be blamed. Comfort, style and fad are now going together. What’s your favorite flip flop brand?

Reconstructive Surgery

The technology advancement of today has made it possible for people who would love to enhance their appearance and self-confidence to go through safe procedures of rhinoplasty. Truth to tell, there are more reasons to going through the procedure than just than mere vanity. There are aesthetic issues that are accident related and even if vanity was the issue, it is not bad to want to look better after all if one can very well afford it anyway. reveals Dr. Azizzadeh’s expertise on Revision Rhinoplasty, Primary Rhinoplasty and Ethnic Rhinoplasty.

If you are in search for the best place to have your nose reconstruction done, it is best to have the well known experts do it, rather than regret that you settled for less later. The Institute for Rhinoplasty & Nasal Reconstruction has a reputation for excellence in aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty. Head over their site and check out proofs of more of the masterpieces from their picture gallery page.

My Swarovski Masterpieces

Allow me to post a few of my masterpieces. I used to create sets of Swarovski bracelets, earrings, watches and everything Swarovski. That was wayback five or so years ago. It was one of the most fun things that I have done ever. Creating these beauties and earning from them atleast a hundred percent ROI got out the business streak in me. If there was anything, the most grueling thing about it was going to Divisoria or Quaipo to buy the materials.

Too bad I did not yet have my trusty A620 then, that’s why all I could take pictures of now are those that I keep for myself.

rose quartz bracelet

semi precious stones in 10k links

My Certified Lead-Free Lipstick

It was more than ten years ago when I started testing the lipsticks that I had. I probably had more than ten. My lipsticks were branded ones (most of which were gifts): MAC, L’Oreal, Revlon Colorstay, Maybelline, Estee Lauder, Dior, et al. As per the email that I received that to know the level of lead content of a lipstick is apply it on the arm and rub the portion with a gold jewelry. It surprised me that every single one contained lead. It seemed like the more expensive the brand, the more lead it contains. Try it for yourself. It scared me and now I am happy to report to you that my lips are now practically lead free.

This is what I have been using for around four years now. Bioenzyme Lipstick. I love it. It protects and refines.

Read the buzz from their website:

Enchance the natural beauty of kissable lips. Indulge in the allure of
glamorous red lipstick. Contains beeswax blended with herbal and flower
extracts that help maintain the redness and moisture of lips. Long lasting.
Non-darkening. Four shades to choose from.

The last time I bought the distributor’s price was PhP 250.00