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Court Record Search

Sometimes we go through rough circumstance and we need to get a hold of Public Court Records, of bankruptcy, divorce or even family records. The place to look for is Your ultimate information resource site with compilation of complete criminal records from all over the United States that is affordable, fast and easy to navigate. Check out the site for more details.

Pamper Yourself by Going to the Movies

One of the more common ways to pamper one’s self is going to the movies. Whether in the theater or in the comfort of your homes, it is one pampering you deserve to have from time to time. Why not take a bit of your time to take this survey and maybe share what was the movie you saw last?

Web Reviews

Everyone can make use of Web Site Reviews, that’s true. But while we are at it, it is best to go to a reputable one to grab a hold of the opinion that we need for a particular site. Top Websites is also a place to post your opinion about sites that you are satisfied with or otherwise. All the information you need in one reliable resource is Check it out.

The Value of Getting Hosted

Originally it was this site that I was contemplating on getting its own domain. But it was Google’s pleasant surprise a couple of weeks back when this youngest blog of mine was given a decent ranking. Since I wouldn’t want to throw that away, I resorted to getting my Handy Tips and Hints its domain instead. The domain for this site will be immediately purchased once the ranking is taken back. It’s just the way it goes, it only takes a matter of time, as they say.

Now that I am left with my other site to transfer from Blogger to WordPress, I am seriously looking into webhosting rating and picking out the best one to host my brand new domain. Instead of continue having it hosted for free, I would rather that it be transferred to WordPress because of the hubby’s recent headache with Blogger.

I love that makes it available for webmasters to compare hosting services from the reviews given by actual clients. This is what I am looking for. I wouldn’t want to end up regretting taking in the service of anyone without really knowing before hand what the odds are. If you are serious with your internet marketing business and you are looking for a web host then might as well settle for the most reputable one.

Only Aloe Lips for Me Please

I know there are probably over a hundred brands of lip balms in the market. But this is the best that I have found yet. If your lips could speak, they’d ask for Aloe Lips – the Mighty Midget!

A super smooth formula of stabilized aloe vera, jojoba, protectants and special moisturizers with a pleasant strawberry flavour will soothe, smooth, and moisturize chapped and dry lips. It provides protection even in the worst weather conditions. Whether you are skiing, sunbathing, walking, or even working – keep Aloe Lips handy.

It can be helpful for stings, insect bites, or minor cuts and burns by providing some immediate relief. I especially love that it doesn’t take much space in my purse. Super convenient! Especially now that I have a tot in tow, which I often use this tube on. The insect bite would literally go away in a jiff and minor wounds would stop stinging instantly. You might not want to use the same tube though. People from FLP would even vouch that you can even try Aloe Lips for hemorrhoids! That does not sound pretty, but it sure tells you one thing for sure. That this little baby is a tube for all.

More than ten years, it has been this long I have this love affair with Aloe Lips. 😀

People Locator

Do you know that it is now possible to find the person that you are looking for, in any part of the world? That is now made possible by Its name speaks for itself and you instantly get the result by just typing in the name of the person you are searching for. This People Finder would give you the information that you need: address, phone number, public records, et. al. Check out the site and try it out for yourself. This may be the chance to be reunited with a long lost loved one.

My New Kikay Mouse

I never got used to using my laptop’s touchpad. For an entrecarder like myself, I have to prioritize getting an optical mouse that has a reliable roller for that easy navigation all around the blogs that I visit on a regular basis. For some reason my original Sony optical mouse that came in with the laptop did not last very long. The hubby got me this replacement (photo:right) that is pretty huge for my little hand. This gave me symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Imagine my relief when he got me this tiny one that’s like just over two inches in length and its width just over an inch and an inch in height. It is way dynamic not to mention kikay, pretty and cute. And the best part is, it’s worth just around $3.50! The stress that I usually have when dropping cards is now practically gone. Not one hint since I got this baby a week ago. 😀

An Ounce of Prevention

If there is anyone who is more at risk in being victims of Sexual Predators, it is the city girl. It is just a relief to know that there is a way to protect ourselves from such entities. You do not need to be all too ignorant and actually get to know the very people that you have to stay away from. Head over to the website, check out Megan’s Law and get those information that you need to protect you and your family.

KC’s New Template

For the longest time that I have tried changing templates and getting all those nasty bx errors, I finally tried again yesterday and had three of my blogs have their long awaited brand new looks. I love the city girl feel of this new layout. What do you think? Would you rather I stuck it out with my old template? I kind of feel it was too teeny bopper. Whilst this one is just right for its niche, with its undeniable touch of class. 😉