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Your Turn to Take On Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Challenge!

It has been one full week since the first night I dropped my usual beauty regimen for Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Eye Cream. I am happy to report that my skin is totally loving it! I felt the difference upon waking up the next morning I first used it. I’m not sure I can remember my skin feeling more supple. I was tempted to use it through the day too! Teehee! I concur that it should be the elixir doing its job as it replenishes my skin’s lost moisture. I guess it would not be an award winning beauty product for nothing.  

Kiehl's MRC

I admit of my apprehension when I first found out that it was oil based. The last time I experimented with moroccan oil (which, by the name itself, is oil-based), my face broke out with milia everywhere on the third day! Nothing like that happened with Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate! It is so easily absorbed by the skin and no sign of grease at all! And I haven’t even started how heavenly it smells! Its lavender oil component is just the perfect ingredient to usher us right to dreamland. Sleep, being an essential part of this Midnight Recovery Challenge. If we are going to take this challenge seriously, we might as well do it right.

Here’s what’s sweeter, Kiehl’s Manila opens this Midnight Recovery Challenge to its avid users!

Midnight Recovery Challenge Contest Mechanics:

1. Followers of the challenge are to make their own creative poster of their improved sleeping habits and their new commitments to a fresher skin.

2. Post them on Kiehl’s Manila’s Facebook pagehttp://www.facebook.com/KiehlsManila and Instagram account – KiehlsManila and use the #MRCChallenge

3. Ask your friends to like the Kiehl’s Manila’s page and the poster they submitted.

4. Most creative poster and most number. of likes will get a bottle of Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Eye Cream! That’s almost five grand worth of award-winning beauty products!

5. Contest duration is until February 15, 2013.


House of Obagi’s Latest: Obagi 360 (The Complete Obagi System)

It was in October 2010 when I was first given the privilege to not only get to know more about the The House of Obagi. I was also able to try the system for myself — the Obagi Condition & Enhance System, to be exact. It was not long after when I became a believer of the Obagi Professional C Serum. I love both, to this day!

Last Wednesday, I was reunited with fellow beauty bloggers for a lovely get together dinner at the Museum Cafe in Greenbelt 4, Makati. We were introduced to their latest, The Obagi 360 System. Our table was lucky to have dermatologist Dr. Allan Pua to indulge us with all our questions.

All of us girls in the table were in total disbelief when this good doctor told us that he was already 34 years old!  He could easily pass for a 20 year old, right?  In between the other girls’ gushes around the table, Dr. Allan Pua answered all the questions we have about skin care. I was looking into undergoing the Obagi Blue Peel Radiance procedure. So I asked him if it will be safe to have that done when I’m TTC. He told me against it. But he said that if I am sure that I’m not pregnant, then it is safe to try it out since the product that will be used will not stay long on the skin and the body’s overall system. Getting that answered meant a lot to me since I was not going to take any chances even for the sake of a better skin. Thanks, Doc! 🙂

Before and After Photos. Really, there’s no need to say more. The proof is all there. Obagi works! 🙂 (more…)