An Ultimate Spa Experience…

…right from the comfort of my own home. Yes, you read that right. I have always loved scented candles. As a former-couldn’t-care-less to a passionate environmentalist that I have become, I now highly favor natural products. As for this particular concern, soy candles.

I love most scents from Alice Blue Candle. They last and last, plus it allows me that ultimate bath experience. The great thing about is I don’t have to go to a spa to enjoy the luxury and ambiance. I light the candle 10 minutes before I get into the tub, run the water, pour some lavender bubble bath to match my lavender scented Alice Blue Candle. It can be the most relaxing experience, especially for a work at home mom like me. I don’t get to have this luxury very often even as I juggle things around the house, work and my toddler (who can be a handful by himself) day in and day out, but when I do… it is really something else.

I get my supply from G/L Glorietta 3, the stand afront Dockers. A 6 ounce candle costs PhP 395.00 (Approx. $9), which ain’t bad. It can last you 30 hours. 40 hours tops.

*this is not a paid advertisement. I have always loved scented candles. I have experimented on a lot of brands local and otherwise. But when I lit my first Alice Blue Candle, there was no turning back. 😉

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