Do’s and Don’ts in Wearing Jeans

How do you wear your jeans? Don’t you know that we should not just wear our jeans just because it has been like a staple and have been more like an everyday wear. There were a couple of funny moments that the hubby literally had to drag me out of my wits to tell one girl who was sitting on the sides of an escalator in one of the largest mall in Mandaluyong City.
How could I not, when the cheeks of her butt were taking their sweet peek at the outside world! It came to me like that of a cry for debt help and I would have gladly obliged and told her in a subtle but sweet manner. But anyway, I had to mind my own business. It was definitely not out of one petty fashion need that I have got to tell her to hide her cheeks. But wouldn’t it be sweet if we know how to wear our jeans just right. Not too low, not too tight. Definitely no spillage on the sides like the above photo for instance.
This article does not mean to discriminate people on the heavy side. Truth of the matter is, whatever size you belong to, it is possible to wear jeans that will complement your overall look. Becoming a mother is no reason to wear “mom jeans” when you can always choose to be a hot momma!

When shopping for jeans always look into the crotch area first. The “rise” should just be the right one. No pulling, no extra fabric. Make sure that this new pair will overall flatter your lower limbs. If you know you’ve got to hide those extra pound then, choose the jeans that will hide them, for Pete’s sake! If skinny jeans are in fashion, you don’t really have to conform when you know this will just give you the “muffin look”.

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