My New Kikay Mouse

I never got used to using my laptop’s touchpad. For an entrecarder like myself, I have to prioritize getting an optical mouse that has a reliable roller for that easy navigation all around the blogs that I visit on a regular basis. For some reason my original Sony optical mouse that came in with the laptop did not last very long. The hubby got me this replacement (photo:right) that is pretty huge for my little hand. This gave me symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Imagine my relief when he got me this tiny one that’s like just over two inches in length and its width just over an inch and an inch in height. It is way dynamic not to mention kikay, pretty and cute. And the best part is, it’s worth just around $3.50! The stress that I usually have when dropping cards is now practically gone. Not one hint since I got this baby a week ago. 😀

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