The Classic Red Lips

Seems easy, but are we really doing it the way it should be done? There’s more to wearing lipstick than just rolling the stick over to your lips. Here’s a simple step by step guide to creating the classic red lip. Try it yourself and be a stunner! My motto to make up wearing is this, if you are ever going to wear make up, wear it right or not at all.
Please note that if you decide to play up your lips (read: highlight and make it stand out like this red lip tutorial) , make sure you play down your eyes. No smokey look, nothing loud. It gives balance to the overall look. Everything in excess is an eye sore.

What you will need:

  1. lip conditioner
  2. lip brush
  3. red lipstick
  4. red lip liner
  5. tissue

Create that look:

  1. Apply lip conditioner to the lips.
  2. Create a “V” over the cupid’s bow with liner.
  3. From the tip, trace the natural lip line down to the corner.
  4. Mark liner on the bottom lip line at the center.
  5. Trace from the bottom lip line to both corners.
  6. Drag the color in using lip liner to prevent separation of the liner from the lipstick.
  7. Coat lip brush with lipstick.
  8. Evenly fill lipstick within the lines. The lipbrush is the key to precision.
  9. Touch up the edges with lip liner.
  10. Blot with tissue to absorb excess moisture. Voila! The classic red lips.

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