A Kikay’s Childbirth Experience

As a self confessed “kikay” gone domesticated, one thing I have realized is that being kikay is something that does not necessarily have to go away. I just evolved into the practical kikay that I now am from a rather extravagant one in the past. The evolution of which started during pregnancy. Despite the bulging belly, it was just me to shop around for the best birthing class the hubby and I could enroll ourselves in.

One of the things that we did although not as often as we should, were those pregnancy and breathing exercises preparatory to labor. What I loved most was watching a pregnancy massage DVD and I could remember with a smile how the hubby eased my tension away as labor pains came. It was one of the most exciting time of our lives. The pain of labor was present, but because we chose to be proactive by attending birthing classes, I was able to manage the pain with the support of the hubby, laboring with me. I swear all the doctors and nurses around me were amazed how I was able to still chat with them in between those strong contractions and they just would not stop asking me all sorts of questions. At first they found it weird that I insisted in sitting down while in labor, as opposed to the usual laying down, delivery position. And I can see in their faces how fascinated they were in the breathing exercises I did during my contractions. It was as if, the magic was right there in the breathing beat that the hubby (my ever faithful coach) and I made every time contractions came.

If ever we will be blessed with another child, we will surely go through another child birth preparatory class (Lamaze/Bradley) over again. One of its refresher course, perhaps. I remember reading in one of those pregnancy books I have, that childbirth should be a memorable experience and not a traumatic one. This is what it has been for me and I am glad I was “kikay” enough to pamper myself with something that turned out to be necessary anyway. 😀


  1. jem alvarado says:

    I am now in my third trimester and I am doing some prenatal relaxation exercises. I just recently learned about the bradley and lamaze – will talk about it also with my OB.

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