Acne Home Treatments

Acne can begin as early as puberty stage and continue on for years. What happens is a hair follicle is blocked by sticky cells that are not shed normally which traps the sebum, the body oil, produced by the sebaceous glands. The follicle that got blocked promotes bacterial infection and inflammation/redness appearance.

I was never an acne sufferer, but I have seen a handful of friends experience having acne for years and it can be frustrating. I am not sure if what our household help back when I first had my menarche told me to do helped any. For fear of having to sport pimple ridden face, I did what she told me. She had me run the underwear I had during my menarch and wiped it all over my face, with the blood and all. Eeww! Thinking about it makes me sick. But come to think of it, it was only a few minutes that I had to endure. And if that at all took effect, it benefited me a lifetime. Which I really can’t guarantee if it was even the reason I never experienced having acne or it was just good genes. But then again, my sister who did not do what I did, experienced having to go to different dermatologists to treat hers in her teenage years, which I never had to go through.
No, that is not the acne home treatment I am to share with you. It was just a snippet of how it was for me and I am not suggesting you do the same thing or even get your daughters do it. It was more of an old wives tale that I chose to believe that time. I was eleven. Again, I’m not sure if that was it that worked but I thought it was my own menarch and my own face, so I am not violating anyone.
So here are some home treatment that you may consider doing:

  • Clean skin carefully with soap and water. I suggest you use Cetaphil because it does work wonders. It is perfect for sensitive skin. It was the only thing I used on my baby’s face until he turned three. It does not sting the eyes, plus it is really gentle on the skin.
  • Steam your face to open those clogged pores.
  • Shampoo daily.
  • Keep hair away from face.
  • Don’t prick acne and pimples.
  • Antibiotics can be directly applied to the pimple such as erythromycin or clindemycin.

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