Eye Brow Pencil

Another one of my make up essentials is an eyebrow pencil. As opposed to most girls needing to pluck wayward hairs around their brow area, this girl right here is in need more of drawing brows over her real pair because her brows are just too thin.

I would have to say though, that it was only until I was actually in college that I have learned how to draw brows and even then, I was still experimenting on the right liner. Being on a college student’s allowance then, I started off with the local brands and when I had extra I tested those imported ones.

Since my primary make up essentials are composed of just these three: eyebrow pencil, lipstick and pressed powder, I searched for the best brand and would always, ALWAYS. Did I just say always? Okay, point made… always end up just getting those liners stock in my make up kit. Most of them might as well rot for years inside the bag, used only a couple of times? And my reason is not because I am too shopaholic for make up finds, but rather, there was just no liner that delivered the way it should. This is why the quest did not end until I encountered Koshize Eye Liner.

This is why I was made a believer and thus I signed up to become a member to get discounts on all those fab make up, bags and fashion stuff! I don’t splurge, as I have always emphasized, I happen to believe I am who you can call a practical kikay. If I would need to buy a make up to replenish my old one, then I might as well buy the best brand for each kind.

And even as my commitment stands to be honest in the reviews that I make, if I need to be brutal about it, so be it. So allow this to be as loud as a Voice Broadcast as I rave about how I love the liner. But what I hate (strong word, but fitting) about the brand is their lipsticks contain tons of lead. I had my first purchase tested and I did not buy another after that. So the lipstick is crap, so that’s out. I am sticking with my all natural lipstick, but the liner is fab! 😀


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