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I vividly remember how fashion design sketching saved me from my boring classes. I confess that I am one of those who doodle their way to pass time, when teachers just do not sound very interesting. Even at that time I had such short attention span, and to think that my television exposure was not that much. And as opposed to brown nosers around me back then, I am kept to myself, doing my own business, still I managed to ace in my classes, whenever I want, that is. I am not your geeky type of student, but back then I already knew what I wanted. And doing artsy things like these do not really count as one of those feasible careers so I went to business school. 

I always had my eyes on pretty things. Even at a young age, I was keen on what’s nice to look at what makes them sore. It was pretty evident, the moment I stepped out of my family of origin’s abode and stepped into my new home as a married woman, the old house started to lack taste. In fact, the very first Christmas I was out of the house was the first Christmas that they did not get the tree up. Meanwhile, as the hubby and I got settled, I indulged myself in what I love to do – not fashion design exactly, but home design. I literally turned an old shack into a cozy home. 

If I only had my way, I would have taken a course on fashion career. Too bad a career on visual merchandising was not yet a big thing back then, but if it were, I would have gotten the approval of my folks. But then again, I could always take some designer classes if I really want to.


  1. Sarah Enriquez says:

    Hello Ate! Parati ako dun nagrereply sa marriage and beyond akala ko sayo din yun kay pastor Jeff pala. dito nalang ako sa comment nag message kase di ko alam kung saan (wag mo nalang approve hahaha) yung mcqueen cake pala P350 ata yun di ko masyado maalala pero di na kase ako nagbibusiness ng cake ngayon. parating labor of love nalang mas na e-enjoy ko pag ganun. tapos may question pala ko.. sa payperpost ka din ba? kase hindi ko alam kung pano mag iincrease yung page rank ko haay ang hirap talaga

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