Ilog Maria’s Milk and Honey Soap

Another great product that I would love to share with you is Ilog Maria’s Milk and Honey Soap. It does what it claims and the good news is it lasts more than the regular natural soap. This is actually the only soap that works on my little guy’s skin. My father and I have passed unto him the tendency to have those “keratosis pilaris” bumps on his arms. And this soap actually is more affordable than the soap his Pedia recommends.

Milk and Honey Soap(Regular Size)
Offering your skin gentle moisture and a glowing complexion. Wholesome, nutrient-rich buffalo’s milk has a low pH level. Maintains skin at its natural balance. Recommended for problem or sensitive skin.
Price: Php 71.50
Unit Weight(g): 95 grams


  1. Gorden says:

    I am a big fan of natural handmade soaps and keep trying them. They convert my bathing to real pleasure session. I would particularly mention this Soap called Moksha. Sold by Lass Cosmetics, this natural handmade soap contains Lavender& Ylang ylang. Moksha is a treat for the muscles & the senses.

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