My Next Favorite Scent (Candle)

Lemongrass- a combination of lemongrass, neroli, orange blossom, rose and jasmine.

I love Alice Blue Candle for this reason:

Walking through a pine forest … baking in the kitchen … the coffee shop
around the corner …Alice Blue Candle has taken the familiar, much-loved scents
and used them in their scented soy wax candles. These candles are manufactured
in the Philippines from imported raw materials and are hand-crafted under strict
quality standards.Alice Blue Candle uses only premium fragrance oils that are
carefully selected to blend with their soy wax, thus creating the highly scented
candles that they are known for.

It’s my next favorite amongst the varieties of scented candles, because what tops for me is their Lavender scent. It will practically lull you to sleep and just allows you to relax and just immerse into dream land.

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