New MMU to Try Out

I received a sample packet from Mississippi the other day of what looks like another interesting brand of Mineral Make Up.  I have not gotten it tested yet, but will do very soon and will let you know how it delivers. 
I am thrilled to be getting all these freebies from the net.  I am not big on MMU, mainly because my local supplier’s Baby Doll brand has become scarce since the first order I made some three years ago.  Although my inclination has always been towards the natural stuff.  
One interesting comment of of Lippibeth from my post Traditional vs. Mineral Make Up seriously got me into reconsidering things and going deeper into the study of MMU, who happened to be the one who sent me this sample packet.  I hope to love it and with what she has shared about the potential dangers of those nano particles causing some medical issues,  I bet she knows what she is saying.  Aside from that,  I am keen to know if this stuff will give me a good coverage.  😀

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