Non Drug Options for Insomniacs, Rule#1

Even as I posted an article about the beauty of sleep and how beneficial it is for our overall well being, I find it fitting to share bits and pieces about insomnia and how to combat it.

Truth to tell there are non-drug options available to those who are sufferers of insomnia. First, it is important to know that insomnia may be caused bu a disorder or a disease. Sedatives, pain killers, antihistamine or other prescription drugs can be the possible culprit to lack of sleep.

Here’s Rule #1 – Stop all tranquilizers and sleeping pills. These have substances that make you dependent on them to begin with. Plus they can become addictive, can cause headaches , irritability, among others. The alternative that you can now take is MELATONIN. Melatonin is not a drug. It is a natural substance made by the pineal gland, fortified with Coenzymated Vitamin B6. Melatonin has proven to ensure a good night’s sleep, ease jet lag and possess anti-oxidant properties.

Melatonin, according to Dr. Russel J. Reiter, a well-known pineal gland researcher, may prove to be the most important free radical scavenger discovered to date. So before you pop that sleeping pill into your mouth, consider taking in Melatonin instead.

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