Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Did you know that premenstrual syndrom is a real condition that affects up to 40% of women between the ages 14 and 50. Yes, even some 50 year olds experience PMS. Some women experience severe pain that it actually interferes with their daily life.

For readers who happen to just pass by and for those who are not in the know, PMS refers to one or more significant, recuring symptoms that appear about a week or 10 days before a woman has her monthly period a.k.a. menstruation.

The most common PMS symptoms are bloating, breast pain, cramps. But others even experience blurred vision, acne, extreme mood swings, anxiety and even depression. Experts are not sure what causes PMS but they concluded that the symptoms are a result of the hormonal changes in a woman’s mestrual cycle. Doctors call this the “luteal” phase.

New evidence has linked anxiety and depression to progesterone, the female hormone that peaks at the point of a woman’s cycle. Scientists have it that some women’s bodies break down progesterone into another hormone thus the intensified emotions. Other researchers suspect that another hormone estorgen, may also be a contributor to the incidence of PMS.
I am not sure about you, but since I got married, the incidence of extremely painful PMS that I used to have in my single days became unheard of and was totally eradicated after I have given birth. This is something that I have no medical explanation of, but have experienced it myself. I remember having to take pain medications because of the intensity of cramps I had back then. How about you? Are you among the 40% who experience PMS, was it something you outgrew like I did? Or do you belong to the lucky 60% who has never experienced PMS at all?

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