Some Facts About Migraine

I know a handful of girls who are subjected monthly to having this splitting headache that is called migraine. If you are like me it attacks exactly a couple of days to one week before and after my period, that only Naproxen can take away. No Ibuprofen or other pain reliever ever does. It has been like this for me since menarch. Hormonal changes are said to be the culprit. But let’s look more closely to what migraine is.
A migraine is a splitting headache that just seems to set in apparently due to no reason at all. The reasons for a migraine are mainly vascular. That means that certain changes in the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain trigger of the pain. Of course, the causes for the changes in the blood vessels may vary from person to person but this is generally how it starts.

Migraines are easily the most common headache syndrome. It affects 10 to 15 percent of the global population. One peculiar feature of a migraine is that it usually starts in childhood or adolescence and is most common in young and middle-aged adults.

The only good thing about a migraine is that it usually stops as people get older. Migraines have nothing to do with a person’s background, upbringing, or social class. Migraines do not discriminate.

Migraines have a strong impact on the quality of a person’s life. It affects not only the person but also the lives of those who move in close contact with he person. Migraine attacks can some times be so severe that person may have to abandon his or her routine activities for three or four days at a stretch.

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