Sophie Martin Mag

I have lent my latest issue of the Sophie Martin Paris magazine to the sissy, that is why this image was borrowed from one of those sites from the list of the search results via good ‘ol Google.
I was never really fond of leafing over these kinds of magazines. They are all over the work area when I was still in the corporate world and If truth be told, there are but a few ones that really deliver. Call me picky, but when I got a product tested and it’s mediocre, I’m really going to look elsewhere. I love the items from Sophie Martin. I have tested a handful of them and I could say, as much as there are items that I can see there are still a lot to improve on, I have found some great stuff that I have never found in my years of testing out those Avon, Personal Collection, This includes the eye liner and eye brow pencil that I will do a review on in a while.

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