What About Mineral Make Up a.k.a. MMU?

My first encounter with mineral make up was more than three years ago. At first, I thought it was just a hype, some kind of a fad. But later found out the several advantages of using one instead of the usual commercial one. As kikay as I can be, I barely go out fully made up. If at all, I will just make sure I have drawn my eyebrows and put on my all natural Bioenzyme plus lipstick and that’s basically it. If truth be told, I am ready to go in as little as five minutes after bath. Meaning I have done all the necessary stuff needed by my brows and lips. I just press on some face powder by T. LeClerc and I’m good to go.

Going back to mineral make up or what they call MMU. MMU is make up that is devoid of the usual fragrances, preservatives and harsh chemicals your usual commercial ones have. MMU is enriched with minerals that are proven to be beneficial to human skin and they are also longer lasting. What can you ask for more, right?

Honestly, I have only tried on a couple of brands and because as I have said I am not big on using make up, I have not really gotten down to what others have done. The MMU collection. That being said, I will still get down to the business of learning more about the beauty of going natural via mineral make up.

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