Benefits of Thanakha

Thanakha (“Limonia acidissima (Roxb)”) is a tree that grows in Sri Lanka, the southern and western parts of India, the north-western part of the Himalayas and in Myanmar.

THANAKHA is an all in one Skin Care product that is Therapeutic. It is also proven to restore youthful skin and protect against the harmful rays of the sun.

If you happen to be one of those who wants to play it safe. You might want to give this a try. You get to smoothen your skin naturally away from all blemishes without the risk of having your skin damaged by harmful cosmetic ingredients every other commercially available brands have.

Thanakha is indeed revolutionary. It’s known active ingredients being Coumarin and Marmesin. The COUMARIN content naturally found in Thanakha is a Phytochemical, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Ageing and Anti-Oxidant. Thanakha enables one’s system to actively produce COLLAGEN and ELASTIN which are the major skin protein in causing Skin Reborn.

Its MARMESIN content, however, naturally protects the skin from UV-A which degrades skin proteins and skin moisture, which causes wrinkles, fine lines and premature ageing. It also shields the skin from UV-B which increases the production of melanin in our skin resulting to skin discoloration, freckles and the worst is skin cancer.

To sum it all up. Thanakha removes acne, pimples, marks, scars, fungi, skin discoloration, white heads, black heads, keloid scars, rough skin, dark skin, wrinkles, freckles. Practically every other skin imperfection.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Where is this available?

  2. Chin says:


    Where can I get Thanakha and for how much?

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