Maternity Fashion

Don’t you dare say that fashion is confined to those who are stick and bones. Read: Slim. More than just those plus size fashionables are Trendy Maternity Clothes for those who are in the family way. Check out this Juicy Maternity Jeans, for instance. It is the most comfortable and hip. I swear I am so going to wear this pair when I get the bump in the next couple of years! (fingers crossed)

When I first got pregnant in 2004, I was immersed into getting all the information I need about pregnancy, the baby’s development and everything about the baby. I am so guessing that the next time around with all the stock knowledge in my head about those stuff, I might as well sport the baby bump with glitter and glamour via Paige Maternity Jeans à la Angelina Jolie. I wish! Well, anyway, my being not much into showbiz, I would love to be my own self, just grace the world with the little miracle inside me. It is the most glorious thing, ever!

For hip and fashionable maternity wears, check out Just so you know, this site was voted The Best Maternity Website by InStyle magazine, no less! 😀

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