My Wii Fit

I have one good reason to delay my physical fitness plan.  Two months from now I will seriously get down to an exercise regimen via Wii Fit.  This work from home career that I have does not give me the luxury of going to posh exercise centers like my sis does. She is a member of Fitness First.  I could have had the privilege of being a member of Gold’s Gym when I was in this call center agent job (which I am glad that I did not stay long in). It’s just not me to fuss over gearing up and going to a far place to do my thing. 

For a while I did some tae-bo exercises here at home, but the audio visual was just not that very encouraging. While I may be notorious for being good at exercising not more than a couple of weeks, I am still hopeful that this Wii Fit will get me to persevere.  For one,  I remember doing 200 crunches a day in my single days, so I guess the persisitent streak in me could still be there somewhere.  

Will let you all know how it goes.  🙂


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