Review of Ever Bilena’s Pro Translucent Powder

Remember this post? From the first touch of the powder puff unto my face with its cheap smelling scent, I knew there was something wrong with it.  The smell would have been negotiable as I mentioned in that post, but the breakouts here and there was just unacceptable.  
The coverage actually is not bad, but the side effect it has on my skin is. And please take note that my skin is not the type that breaks out easily.  I never had an acne in my lifetime. Probably a few pimples when I was in puberty, but that was about it.  Fact is I do not have sensitive skin. I try out all the products I want without hassle, except for this.  
It is sad really because the coverage it gives can really be good, but who would want a good coverage with red patches here and there?  Not me.  

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