Thanakha, The Ultimate Organic Beauty Agent

First off, Thanakha dates back to the history of Myanmar. The benefits of which have survived several generations. Today, Thanakha is used as a beauty regimen. This wonder stuff actually comes from a tree bark that you make a yellow paste from before application all over the face.

I first used this back in 2005. I am not a great fan of dermatologists. Aside from not having plentiful of need to go to one, it is just impractical. Especially if you happen to be one of those gals who don’t get too much breakouts and don’t really have problem skin.

By far, this is the most organic product I have come across with that are sold commercially, albeit exclusively. I used to have the distributor’s number in my list of mobile contacts, until my mobile ceased to function probably. Which then got me into jotting down my list of contacts manually. Thankha personally did wonders as it took away some melia and even teeny bitty emerging warts that I then had – all without the aid of a special pricking device of a derma. They all just came off after a while of using Thanakha. I honestly could not recall how long I used it before I lost those unwanted stuff on my face. For sure it wasn’t years.

I bought my first and last jar in Tiendesitas. Now that another milia has mushroomed in between my nose and right eye, I hope to give this one a try again. Do you know of any establishment who sells this locally? I will really appreciate any response. I tried googling Thanakha’s availability in the Philippines and I learned that people are really taking advantage of its scarcity. It is now being sold at 750 a pop! No way! I don’t remember shelling out that amount of money for a bark of tree in a jar. I will probably swing around Tiendesitas one of these days just to take a peek. Hoping that the sellers of Thanakha is still around somewhere.

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