Trying Out a Local Pressed Powder


I should say that T.LeClerc in Banane so far is the best face powder for me. But being the adventurous me and a cheapskate at that, I chanced upon this

Ever Bilena Pro Translucent Face Powder in Ivory Lite, when I was doing my grocery shopping the other day. I just thought it was just around $4 (give or take), and with my T. LeClerc compact getting more than halfway empty, I should really be looking for a replacement.  (a cheaper one as a mental note). If you would swing around so it goes… you will understand why.  It so looks like a local Clinique loose powder which is translucent as well.  I have been using Clinique for years until I used Le Clerc.  I couldn’t wait to get home to try this.  First application turned me off.  The scent is that of a strong cheap face powder (as expected).  Nothing of the pricey brands have that kind of scent.  Okay,  the first turn off can be negotiable.  I am actually willing to try it further if it does what it says it does.  Translucent finish, check.  I will let you know how it delivers.  

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