What’s the Fuss Over Thanakha?

You may be wondering what Thankaha is all about. You might want to track back some posts and learn more about this organic tree bark from the Himalayas that might just be your ultimate beauty agent.


Application is easy. You just mix a pea of the bark with a little water to make a paste and apply all over the face. It dries up in a while and you will feel a mask feel. You just leave it over night. I have been reading that in Myanmar, they actually do their everyday stuff with this on their faces. Well, I guess with its natural sunscreen agent, then it can be an option. You just have to take care to apply just a thin layer, or people might just think that there is a geisha amongst them, or worse a mime character. 😀


You might want to read on the Benefits of Thanakha and Thanakha, The Ultimate Organic Beauty Agent. Click on the links.

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