What’s Your Skin Type?

Majority of adults have what is called a combination skin (dry and oily).  It is always best to know what type of skin you are classified under.  This is beneficial as you choose the kind of skin regimen that is right for you.  
Dry skin.  Right after washing, skin feels tight.  Moisturizer is required especially during cold weather.  Can be identified with rough skin surface and is poreless.  Small lines can be found around the mouth and eye area.  Dry skin wrinkles faster than any other skin type.  
Oily skin.  Enlarged pores.  Shiny and oily face with the presence of black and white heads and some occasional pimples.  Pimples on shoulders and back.  
Combination skin.  The T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin) is oil while the other parts are dry.  
Sensitive skin.   Feels itchy and easily turns red  and has a tendency to blotchiness.  Extra care should be given if you belong to this skin type.
Dehydrated skin.  Basically similar to dry skin, but worse.  Itchy, flaky, cracked and with paper feel.  

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