Wii Fit Reviews

I found some articles on Wii Fit that I have been reading.  I told you, I am seriously into this fitness thingy.  I found some interesting stuff and even as I do, it is understandable to stumble upon critics here and there.  That is so to be expected, right? Here are a few of my readings:

This one comes from Gamespot.com

The Good

Balance board is a great new peripheral Exercises will help your balance and strength Beats the repetitiveness of going to the gym Some fun balance board games Pleasant presentation throughout.
The Bad

No way to create your own exercise program You’re forced to unlock most of the activities Some games are rather shallow Health and fitness assessments can be problematic Board is sensitive, but you can still cheat at exercises.


  1. Natural says:

    I’m saving money now for a Wii and I also want to purchase the Wii Fit. It looks so cool and what a great way to put fun into exercise. I should have it by December.

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