Adorable Toy Pet

I have been afraid of dogs for the longest time. Count: twenty five years at least. It all started when I was a toddler and this puppy that my father’s friend gave us, tried to attack me one day and ruthlessly ran after me around our backyard. We probably did five rounds of going around the house and since the doors are closed I cannot just stop and open it, or else the dog will attack me. I was crying the whole time!

For all I know, the puppy was doing nothing more than just playing with me and even as I ran away, he thought I was game with it. But then again, I chose to just ignore the issue altogether since I thought it was too trivial. Now that our family lives in a compound with a Shih Tzu toy pup that my sister and her husband owns across the house we live in, I know I have to live with it. I am just glad that even though our little guy seemed to be afraid at first, he now has come to enjoy the pup little by little. Here he is with “Princess.”

Toy pups are just the most adorable to look at. In fact a lot of celebs have their very own “babies” that they have in tow every now and then. They can be lovely companions, I know! And maybe, just maybe I might welcome more than just a pet fish when the time comes.

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  1. joanjoyce says:

    alam mo sis nakagat ako ng aso nung kinder ako pero di me natakot sa mga dogs.. as in walang year sa life ko na wala kaming aso and the most number of dogs we had is 8 hehehe currently we have 6 🙂

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