Facts about Scars

Do you know that scar tissues are formed when the skin is damaged below the epidermis and into the dermis level? This means you no longer have to worry if you got a superficial wound. It will go away in time and chances are there won’t even be scars to tell that there ever was a boo-boo.

Ordinary scars usually take five to seven days to heal depending on the depth of the wound. There are people who are keloid formers. Keloid are scar tumors which are not malignant and usually grow larger than the wound itself.

Stretch marks called striae (latin for channels) are usually caused by distended skin and the breaking down of elastic proteins detaching the epidermis and ermis from the collagen tissue.


  1. On my body, the scars go away easily. Or at least they just lighten. But my face is a different story. Even steroid injections leave scars when the pimples depress. tsk tsk

  2. Mauie says:

    I’m a suki of scars because of my diabetes. Even simple wounds would leave marks because it would appear ok on the outer layer but the wound isn’t fully healed (and is usually itchy) on the inside.

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