Hair Styles and How To Videos by Gary Rallison

I have been into hair cutting, albeit informally, since I stepped out of grade school. Prettifying things is just one of the many interests that I have had for as long as I can remember. I am actually looking into enrolling myself into one of those professional schools to earn the principles that I need to be better at it.

Clipper cutting is something I would love to learn as well. I love the fact that with clippers, one can actually provide a wash and wear versatile and stylish cuts. I found this site that provides step by step instruction for clipper cutting without guards. The video is done by no less than the veteran hair stylist and instructor himself, Gary Rallison. Head over the site and let Gary show you clipper cutting techniques and how to work on different hair textures and solve common hair problems.

Come to think of it, with the many things that are lined up for me to do, these hair cutting videos can actually help me realize some goals that I need accomplished without taking much of my time away from home.

Hair Cutting Techniques
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Fade Haircut | Buzz Cuts

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