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As you might have noticed, it’s been quite a while since I last updated this site. I have been long considering getting a new domain for Kikay Corner but I could not do that without losing this blog’s page rank. It was actually the day that I was suppose to transfer this to its custom domain some months back when I saw from my toolbar that it was given a page rank of 2.

This being the case, I am still cooking up its transfer very soon. I am very well aware that a custom, unique and original website always makes the mark against a free hosted one. For this reason, I have been looking into Heritage Web Design. I have read from several testimonials in their site all the ravings of their satisfied customers and who can be better witnesses than those who have actually tried out the service, right?

Heritage Web Design is a company based in the United States and an expert in designing and hosting affordable web pages. It was just timely that I came across their site, because the hubby has been having a major headache this past week with the web hosting service that he availed of. He has since had his payment refunded.

From what I have read from the clients themselves, Heritage Web Design puts such keen attention to detail no competitor in the market have come close to doing. Finally, a website solution with world class quality of service that ends every possible webmaster’s frustration. You have to check out for yourself and read all those recognitions they have received by far. From articles to magazines to individual clients. You need not to look any further, contact them at 866-211-0743 and get hold of an expert to take care of your web page.


  1. rleddy says:

    Please check out complaints and other postings. I am a programmer who has just dealt with them.

    In fact, it may depend on how big your project is. But, they are a close world group. If something goes wrong on their part they will blame you, customers and programmers alike. You cannot even suggest that they might just get a little more informed.

    I am getting stiffed for a moths worth of work. This has to do with using a package when the customer wanted something written from scratch. I did use the package with project manager permission. And, the customer complained. The problem is the customer got sold mySpace, U-Tube, and BuzDash in for to five days from scratch by one programmer for $4K from him $2K to the programmer. And, that’s not real.

    But, more. They kicked me off the team for writing a note about the CAPM stages of project management. Just suggesting that people might read a book was taken as an insult. And, they let me know that I was no team player. But, the note really did not direct insult at anyone. I guess I was just a little upset after having no food Thanksgiving day do to their, “PAYMENT PROCESS”.

    So, customers and programmers alike are expressing concern. A cool graphic page? Maybe that will work out. But, then it gets dicey. Take great caution.

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