YSL Matt Foundation from My Beauty Loot

A couple of weeks back, my dear friend, Frances gave me this beauty loot! Thanks, Frances! Now I’m out to find out how to use all these pretty things. Practice makes perfect. 😀 I usually just use face powder, lipstick, brow pencil and I’m good to go. Now, we wouldn’t wanna waste all these pricey beauty stuff, do we?

I actually have started using the YSL Matt Touch Foundation and I am so loving it! I haven’t been big on foundations, really. The few times I wore foundation were during special occasions and they were always done by a pro. I remember buying one, but never got around to using it! It was too complex, I thought. This one is just too easy to apply and no caking at all! I usually get ready even before the hubby is. This means I do everything in a jiff and I really don’t like having to spend long hours in front of the mirror. Now, I wonder why I never got myself a matt foundation. It is so fun applying it, it feels so smooth to the touch after application and it lasts and lasts! Best of all, I am so glad that Frances gave me just the right shade. I am so thrilled, I think I’m ready to throw all those mineral stuff ideals. Maybe until I actually use something better than this. 🙂

Here’s the blurb from YSL web page:

Oil-Free Foundation

SPF 10

Matt Touch Foundation’s smoothing, silky-soft texture caresses the skin with a sublime and long-lasting radiant matt finish. The white water lily extract associated with anti-shine sebo-sponges purifies and controls excess oil, and the star radiance booster pigments conceal imperfections and illuminate the complexion.

The skin’s texture is refined, the skin is pure, neat and fresh. The complexion is beautifully radiant while remaining perfectly matt. With MATT TOUCH FOUNDATION, you can let your complexion enjoy the incredible sensation of a matt and long-lasting veil of even color.


  1. Frances says:

    Yehey, I’m glad you liked it! YSL makes very good makeup. I really want their YSL Eclat concealer. All the Hollywood celebs love it. =)

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