Lovin’ my new Dresser

I am so loving my new dresser. It is full length and with all the partitions that I need. I love the fact that the hubby got this for me for a little over $65. Its size is perfect. Not occupying a lot of space. My sister and I have always had a dresser ever since I can remember, from toddlerhood, I think. It’s one of the things our mom did right, we were girls anyways, so she knew we’ve got to have one.

For some reason, I forewent having one from the day that I got married. I did not really feel it much of a loss, because I was too busy making my home cozy and compensated the lack of having a dresser by dressing up our home. It’s my home so I could freely use any mirror in our house anytime I want. Seven years later, it feels good to transport my perfume collection from my closet and toiletries stand in the washroom to my very own dresser. I am loving it! My hubs lovingly set it up for me last night. He has been the most eager to get me this dresser for the longest time, but I always wanted to delay. There were other more important things to prioritize, I surmised.
For the longest time, I was probably the lone kikay who does her make up and other girly things in front of her bathroom mirror and the full length mirror in her son’s room. Now I need not shift from one room to another. The hubby suggested to make me a stool to match this dresser. 🙂

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