Lovin’ this Hair Treat (L’Oreal Hot Liss Creme Thermo Lissante)

I have not done some real reviews for quite a while now. I figured I should go back to posting some personal reviews on some beauty stuff that I used, currently use and hope to use in the future. I have not used L’Oreal Studio line’s Hot Liss Crème Thermo-Lissante for sometime now and recently got reacquainted with it. I have almost forgotten how it makes styling so easy with this hair crème. It is specifically designed to prepare your hair for the rather damaging effects of blow dryers and hot irons.

This one totally gives that shiny look to your hair just like you would when you stepped out of the salon. It is really easy to use. You just put a small amount of this crème to your hair while it’s damp, then blow dry away or iron away!

When you iron or blow dry your hair without using this baby, you practically just get a nice hair for a couple of hours, tops and you get right back to having a rather undone hair. Unless of course, you used some hair spray, gel or wax that will get your hair frozen, which is not a girl’s preference at all. Iron wet hair only if you have the kind of hair straightening iron wand that specifically allows you to iron your hair while it’s wet. This is important to note to make sure you don’t damage your hair along the way.

The last time I checked a 150ml bottle was over $6. The bottle could last a while, which makes it inexpensive. And for the way it delivers, it is really worth a try especially if you happen to be one of those girls who are fond of using hair irons, wands and blow dryers.

**not a paid review.

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