What’s the Shape of Your Face?

Why is it important to know what the shape of your face is? One basic benefit is that by knowing what your face shape is, you practically are able to pinpoint what hair style best fits you.

There are six different face shapes: ROUND, SQUARE, HEART, OVAL AND LONG. Oval shape is called the ideal face shape. The oval face has no major irregularities, considered as a make up artist’s dream face. The square face has a heavy jawline, weak chine and wide forehead. The round face has a weak chin, soft roundness with no edges. A heart shaped face has pointed chin and a broad and high forehead.


There are faces that are combination of different types. You might want to consult your make up artist or hairdresser. They would know what the best make up or hairstyle to enhace your assets and downplay liabilities.

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