Making Waves

During the holidays, my cousin Esther who has grown up with two brothers got her taste of eyebrow shaping and other touch ups from yours truly. She officially said goodbye to bushy brows. She loves her new brows, not lines. I still couldn’t figure out why other girls want the line type of brows, which is so out of fashion.

This young lady has long been wondering if curly hair fits her and I readily experimented with her hair. Here’s a shot of her curls:

But the first time I did her hair, we thought her hair got a little too big. She wanted to experiment some more and had me just do a few curls and this is the result- a little too symmetrical this time. I might have to practice on doing prettier waves.


  1. Pepper Tan says:

    I’ve always wanted to wear my hair in curls… the big ones. But now, I cut my hair short 🙂

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