Palladio’s Natural Rice Powder

Palladio Rice is available in all Beauty Bar shops. It costs PhP325 (approx.$7). All I can say is that for its price, one should not really expect much. It is just a regular loose powder and it will give you a semi-translucent finish.
It is oil absorbing all right. But it only protects you for four hours tops and you have to go right back to the powder room to retouch. You really can’t do touch ups just about anywhere or take the risk of having loose powder all over your clothes. It may be a good alternative to the usual synthetic cosmetics but only if you do not mind frequent applications.

As per its label, it says: Discovered accidentally by a renowned professional makeup artist – has been and still is the oldest of all trade secrets. It is used primarily as an oil-absorbing highlighter and makeup setter.


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