KikayCorner.Net is Now an Official Distributor of Thanakha

Please refer back to this post about Thanakha, being the ultimate organic beauty agent. After having found a supplier, anyone would understand why I chose to be a distributor. I cannot emphasize enough how this seemingly outlandish and old fashioned idea of applying a paste of tree bark over your skin can do anyone’s skin any good. After having tested for myself, for more than three years, how this treasure find helped me get rid of warts and milia over my face, which is practically unheard of by modern science. The norm is to have these nasty growths cauterized, right?
Meanwhile, please sit back and wait for more posts and details on how you can order. I understand that this will entail some additional squeezing in to my already piled up everyday schedule. But I will be the most happy to be able to share this wonder product to people from all over after having seen how it benefited me. Please check back in the next few days. 🙂


  1. ROSILIE says:

    congrats sis! Best wishes to you!

  2. Mommy R says:

    Congrats Mommy Jennie! Pwede sa buntis ba yan?

  3. Faye Laurente says:

    good am! how po ako makaka buy ng thanaka soap? please.. tnx po…

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