Sassa Summer Collection Fashion Preview

What a fab night it was! Kikay Corner was invited to The Sassa Summer Collection Fashion Preview. It was held in Aquanox Restaurant in Makati. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The scorching heat started ushering itself to this tropical country towards the weekend and continues to threaten us with its permanent existence.
Instead of sulking indoors complaining of the heat, the swimsuit fashion preview was enough to get us out of our zones, hit the beach and officially welcome the summer. Definitely the best part of the season, hands down.
Eight girls ramped the Gertie Hermanos–designed 30 piece swimwear/activewear collection. What I love most about Sassa’s collection is its being affordable without sacrificing style. The photo on the right is me with the lady behind the designs . Gertie was able to come up with a variety that caters across age range from tweens to even mommies like myself.

Aside from having been able to witness the launch of these pretty things, I was able to meet fellow bloggers across the Metro who write under the same niche. Here is one of the many snapshot I took-with fellow blogger, Ann of and the lovely PR lady behind the event, Daisy.
Watch out as Sassa hits the malls with this trendy swimwear collection to welcome the summer season.


  1. suzaku_lace says:

    Hi! Jen,

    It was great meeting you at the fashion show! 🙂

    It’s Lace of


  2. daisy iglesias says:

    Hi Jen,

    Thanks for coming! It’ so nice to know that you guys really enjoy the event… you have facebook pala? hehe! 🙂

    Will keep in touch for the future events!


  3. streetsmartchic says:

    Heya, Jen!

    Nice post… your website is the only site that i could remember after sassa’s event… Kudos!



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