GIGA’s Seaweed Slimming Oil – Shooting Two Birds in One Stone

I am so happy to be reacquainted with this product.  This is not a paid post (although, it would be sweeter if it was) but I am happily raving about it because it is precisely shooting two birds in one stone, in every application of GIGA’s Seaweed Slimming Oil.  
After having gained five pounds to my five feet frame in the last month, tipping at almost 106lbs., failing to fit into my regular clothes and have started wearing those first trimester preggy clothes –  I knew I have got to do some desperate measures.  Digging in from my previous finds, I stuck to having “natural” as a basis of my process of elimination and I’m happy to come up with this bottle. The first bottle I bought some years back, I ended up giving away, because I did not use it as much.  I was too thin to need it. 
And now you ask how does it shoot two birds in a stone?  Here’s why.  GIGA’s Seaweed Slimming Oil doesn’t just work on firming up those subcutaneous body fats, you also feel fresher longer after bath- because of its peppermint properties. What could be better in this summer heat, right?   My dear sister swears by it as it has been her sweet partner in her regular visits to Fitness First and enjoys her sauna baths.     

I hereby declare GIGA’s Seaweed Slimming Oil as my non-negotiable summer must have.  It retails for PhP265 (approx.$5.65).  Although I still have to observe if it will actually defat some unwanted portions underneath my dermis. But two days in, there is  actually some difference to the feel. Bumps are lesser, to be sure. 
This is the blurb from their site:

This easy to use oil has seaweed extract for metabolic stimulation and nutrient rich algae to hydrate and detoxify. No shower needed! The active moisturizing base includes essential oils of lavender and peppermint and virgin coconut oil. To provide excellent results, use together with our seaweed slimming soap.


  1. Soapaholic says:

    Sounds intriguing. I do need to burn up a lot of fat. Sigh.

  2. kuting says:

    hi! thanks for this post, i need to have one! where can i buy this stuff?

  3. manilenya says:

    Hey sistahh, if this is true.. I want to have that oil 🙂 seriously!

  4. preety says:

    please tell me where to buy or order this product…….this product sounds amazing..

  5. Rox says:

    Hi, does your sister use this in the sauna? I just bought one, and I’m wondering if it’s safe to use in the dry sauna. 🙂

  6. marie stephanie says:

    hi. i bought one of this in davao and now i am in australia now. do you guys also send it here? and how much would that cost? tnx 😉

  7. Kikay says:

    Where can I buy?

  8. dacia says:

    where can i buy the seaweed oil and soap?

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