Taming of the Do by Leyende

It was last March 15 that I finally got to meet Neva. I have so loved Leyende eversince Clear and Present Shampoo saved my crowning glory. I just knew I had to meet the lady behind the product one time or another. I actually went to Glorietta to go visit her kiosk and get a bottle or two of her products. Imagine my disappointment when I found out that they don’t have their stall there anymore. I immediately called one of her girls, Nona, and asked where they are now located. I just cannot get home without my bottle of shampoo! It was good that the Urban Bazaar was just a few kilometers from Glorietta. I headed to Rockwell and caught Neva in the tent. I was so happy. She practically saved my hair via her shampoo! (click here for the story)

I haven’t tried everything else from her bath collection, aside from the shampoo and Beach Bomb cologne, which I love as well. That day, I grabbed this bottle of conditioner that goes with my Clear and Present Shampoo – the most appropriate name for a conditioner, Taming of the Do.
Taming of the Do retails for PhP 450 (approx. $9.75)

As someone who is allergic to anything with sulfur, from drugs that is taken internally to those that are applied topically, it’s really not easy finding a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner in the market. I get all those allergic reaction all over my head, face and back whenever I use the regular shampoo, especially Pantene. I just have to mention that brand out loud, because the rashes it gives me is really unbelievable. Like no other shampoo with SLS has given me ever.

The first time I used Taming of the Do, I knew I was going to be a believer. I loved it! The first time I used it, I knew I should have gotten a jar of face canvass and bath gel. It did not take long and I was back the following week to get my next beauty loot. But that’s another review altogether.
Clear and Present Shampoo and Taming of the Do are now officially my bath essentials.

Light conditioning for all hair types.

Sulfate free. Paraben-free. Enriched olive butter is the base for this light yet nourishing conditioner with macadamia nut oil, reputed as a wonderful hair moisturizer. A dash of scalp-stimulating peppermint oil leaves a fresh, cool feeling.

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