Beauty Sleep for Glowing Skin

Do you get enough sleep? Real beauty experts will not just recommend wonder products but will also tell you to get enough sleep every single day. This is the secret to get that glowing skin from the inside out. We have read it time and again that the skin restores and repairs itself during sleep.


No matter how pricey the facial creams you use are, the circles around your eyes will easily give you away, when you get into this nasty habit of not getting enough sleep. Sooner or later the sleeplessness will show in your face through the fine lines that will prop here or there, before they are even due. It takes three weeks to make a habit. Set a time for that three weeks that you are scheduled to hit the sack and keep that schedule. A sleep number bed will make it sweeter, but not exactly necessary. Use darker shades of curtains of you must and make your room as conducive for sleep as possible.

In that note, Kikay Corner says good night and have a sweet beauty sleep.

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