Farewell to Fashion and Beauty Icon, Joji Felix Velarde

Fashion and beauty icon, Joji Felix Velarde died last Thursday, May 21. She was 73 years old. Joji Felix Velarde has been a prominent face in the fashion and beauty industry as the vice president for external affairs of Carousel Productions of the Miss Philippines- Earth and Miss Earth beauty pageants.


Joji Felix Velarde was a ballerina, child actress and fashion model. She has been looked upon by a lot of beauty queens all over the world. She was crowned Miss Caltex RPM in the 50’s and her face was the image model of Caltex in the country back in those times. She later became active in Mutya ng Pilipinas and Miss Philippines-Earth. She lived up to her beauty title to the very end. Even after she left the ramp, she was always close by. Made herself available to influence and encourage aspiring beauty queens.

Beauty experts from all over could easily tag her as a woman of substance. Indeed she is. Through the years she has made an impact to the generations after her. From the disciplines of a beauty queen to the vast life lessons she shared from what she learned through the years. Through her numerous contributions in the fashion and beauty industry, Joji Felix Velarde will always be remembered.


  1. beauty queens coming from the latin americas are the best ones “

  2. Lan Tester says:

    the best beauty queens are coming from south america, i really love latinas `..

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