Kikay Corner’s Review of Leyende’s Face Canvas moisture glider & make-up base

It has been more than two months since I started using Leyende’s Face Canvas moisture glider & make-up base. The timing could not have been more perfect. I was about to grab the six times pricier Smashbox but I couldn’t get myself to pay for something that I haven’t tried before for a day’s worth of job. Boy am I glad the cheapskate got the best of me right there. If not, I wouldn’t have known how Leyende’s Face Canvas was created to complement just about any foundation I use. I switch between YSL Matt Touch Foundation to Nutrogena Healthy Skin Enhacer.


I honestly cannot figure out how I managed through my make-up wearing years without Leyende’s Face Canvas moisture glider & make-up base. When I first encountered “primer”, it all sounded too weird for me. I can only associate primer with that mixture you paint all over a wall you want the color changed. Before 2008, I only had three regular make up must haves in my kit (brow pencil, lipstick and face powder). I know I started rather late, foundations were not my constant companion until then.

Neva was right all along. I was a little hesitant when she first offered for me to try the Face Canvas. I thought I was okay with my former regimen – foundation straight on my face. Obviously, I did not know better. Thanks, Neva! Almost three months in and my face is loving Leyende’s Face Canvas. As my dear readers must have noticed, I have this leaning towards everything natural. I love that Leyende’s Face Canvas is as organic as it can get.

Mango butter from India serves as the base for this deliciously non-greasy moisturizer. Perfect for both tropical or cold weather, Face Canvas locks moisture in and stays put along with your make-up. Made with organic bearberry extract and carrot extract known for its anti-aging properties.

Personally, I am not up for a product’s packaging. I am more interested how a beauty product delivers whether it’s an eye candy or not. But Leyende’s Face Canvas has both: great packaging and effective product.  Face canvas allows for the make up to last through the day. I can only conclude that it balances my skin out. I can easily leave the house without foundation on but not without Face Canvas anymore. Having my face not too dry and not too oily throughout the day when I have it on is so convenient. And this is saying a lot coming from a person who suffers with a huge bunch the kind of humid climate that we have in this side of the world.

Definitely a must have beauty product! The price of P450 (approx. $10) for a 60g jar is such a small cost for the way Leyende’s Face Canvas moisture glider & make-up base delivers.


  1. mari says:

    now I’m interested. where did you buy this product?

  2. anna says:

    does this product have SPF? if none, i was wondering if you put on your sunblock first, then the face base. i am hoping that this already has sunblock so i would not have to put too many creams on my oily face.

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