Organize as You Accessorize

The real challenge for a girl is to have her closet organized despite the number of accessories accumulated over the years. It is not easy I tell you. It is almost natural to just throw things in the drawer, dresser and closet. The thing is accessories don’t crawl to their respective places and organize themselves.

bangle-treeWe have to intentionally choose to weed away stuff on a regular basis. It is so much nicer if the appeal does not stop at how we look but how our abode does too. It gives this certain feel that everything is in place. There are organizers available in the market to help us unclutter our stuff, we can get hold of those. But we can also be creative by making customized bangle trees like what I found during my search over the internet. We could also make use of ice cube trays to store earrings, rings, small pendants and stuff.

Organizing our things shouldn’t really be all that hard. Truth be told, if we don’t see our accessories we don’t use them. And if we get things more organized, we are more apt to wear them. The idea of accessorizing should be fun and even its storage should be as well. The only hassle you have to put up with is really to break a habit of throwing them just about anywhere and getting a place for each of your blings.


  1. It’s really a good thing to be organized with anything, our accessories especially, and you’re right, the more we get to see them, the more we get to wear them. And oh, by the way, the Moonlit Bazaar is only open Fridays to Sundays on these dates: Nov. 30 to Dec. 2 and December 7 to 9.

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