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It was a long delayed date but I was sure glad it happened.  I thoroughly enjoyed that lunch date with my dear friend, Frances. I have known her from childhood and consider her as one of the few people who is really close to my heart.  I have loved this girl like my very own blood.  I really enjoyed that time I had with you, Frances! T’was her sweet treat. ‘Till next date! It will be on me then. 😉

We later headed to check out The Spa High Street after that big lunch at Italiannis.  The moment we stepped in, there was just one word to it- enthralling. We were welcomed into this serene place of cascading waterfalls in the reception area. No one was there, our feet were naturally led to the stairs going up to yet another perfect reception, this time welcomed by well groomed attendants.

The bestseller for me, aside from the lovely Villa accommodation was their ginger tea. For someone who is not big on anything hot to drink, I drank the whole thing in possibly two sips. I loved it! I was given a mini cup again after the shiatsu massage. I swore I was going to ask my therapist what the brand of the tea is, but it slipped my mind. Even just for that, I might just consider going back to The Spa for the yummiest of teas.


Definitely four out of five stars for facilities and interior. If they have thrown in toilets in the villas and even a spray on deodorant, those would have earned them full five stars. Why a toilet in the villa, you ask. Okay, the villas are for VIPs and a toilet should not really be too much to ask. When you have reserved for a villa, you are paying at least P2,400 and will be spending more than two hours, time in the jacuzzi, steam bath, sauna, if you choose to have one, then the massage, plus the time that you have to take a shower to get those oils off your body and for dressing up. This means that a VIP has to go out and get to the common washroom in his or her bath robe. And for someone who drinks like a fish like I do, I seriously need an access to a toilet. I have to tell you, I had to hold my bladder at least three times during my entire stay. It was just too inconvenient for me to wear my robe, bring my bag and hit the common toilet. They said I could leave my bag in the room- but the rooms don’t have locks and lockers!  So I really would not have a choice but to lug around with my bag through every room transfer (to and fro the toilet, to and fro the infra red sauna room).

A spray on deodorant should be a plus. The most recent spa I went to actually has a deodorant spray in their common washroom. I think everyone on earth uses deodorant. And if anyone felt spontaneous and suddenly wants to hit the spa, having no deo with him or her does not have to get in the way. Just a suggestion to spa owners, If you could easily throw in all those gels, lotions, powders on your dressers for your clients, why not add in a deo spray? I love that The Spa has disposable underwear to offer their clients. That is something that most spa I went to did not offer.

So there goes the review for the interior of The Spa. I love the magnificent design, no question about it. There were few imperfections. As for the shiatsu massage that I got, I definitely had a better one at another spa place. I warned the lady to be more gentle, she adjusted the pressure all right, but not for long. The way she handled me was not really the most suave. I have been handled better by Fe from a previous spa session. The therapist from The Spa was way careless, how she draped me with the towels. I consider myself a conservative person, so the exposure was not exactly the most welcome thing. I just had to close my eyes and just let it be. For someone who was handled in a better way, I know that it is in fact possible, if a therapist is really trained well.

A previous experience from another spa place (a mid-priced one) was way better. My therapist knew how to get me around (shifting from supine to prone and vice versa) without exposing parts that do not need to be exposed. At one point, I was even amazed how she was able to make it feel like what she was doing was art in itself. That got me to ask her how long she has been with the company. She was my favorite therapist so far. I really am not exaggerating. This is an honest review, just the way I would have reviews posted on this blog. It could be that I just was not given a good therapist from The Spa that day. I’m not really sure. But if what she said is true, I forgot the exact number of years she’s been with The Spa, but it has been a while, then I’d say the therapists are not trained as well as the mid priced spa place where my favorite therapist is. You have to give it to me that I had to endure an aching left leg up to two days after that shiatsu massage from The Spa. It may be that The Spa has gotten a little over complacent in the kind of trainings their therapists go through. Maybe because they know their facilities and interior are just about as world class as it can get.

You might think I do not have a lot of very good things to say about The Spa, but there actually are. I so love their Infra Red Sauna! I never knew that it was at all possible – sauna without the suffocating feeling!  Sauna time  is actually made comfortable with this innovation. It is said to be even more effective. A regular dose of this and I won’t be needing  a weight loss supplement to shed off my unwanted fats That is the one thing that I will go back to, if ever. That and the ginger tea.


  1. Ya, the ginger tea is amazing. Ang sarap! Personally, I love Terra Wellness Spa. Ang galing din nung therapist i-handle yung towels. And the massages—heaven! Di nga lang kasing ganda ng The Spa yung interiors and grabe sa mahal. Haaay, hirap sa free, I get a taste of the good life and then I can’t afford it. That’s why Vince tells me these are unhealthy–I get spoiled then I can’t sustain it. Sigh. Wise man that I married…

    But yes, let’s do this again!!!

  2. shulace says:

    ooohh.. thanks for the post. I love spas, I’ll be sure to this to my list.

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