Pretty Things for the Home

As a lover of beautiful things, my passion does not stop at kikay finds and beauty products. That same passion allows for me to go and find out about things that will make my surrounding even better.

Like for example, when we had our house built, I made sure that I went into the tiniest of details. We were lucky that we had the sweetest contractor a future homeowner can ever have. She readily indulged my every plan for each room in our home. From the kind of roofing to the sliding windows and the undermount kitchen sink, even through the installation of our bath tub.

It was then that I have learned about the importance of tying in durability with design. Quality does not always come in the cheapest of things, but you will surely find affordable ones like sinks and faucets from The materials they use do not compare to your regular ones. 100% environment friendly materials are the only stuff they use and the neatest of all is their granite sinks are coated with bacteria killing silver ions, killing 99% of bacteria that comes in contact with it. It just makes things a little low maintenance than usual, right?

Nothing beats a home with such convenience. Sure you can make do with inferior ones, but why would anyone settle for the inferior when a superior product is now made affordable, like this one. Lovely granite kitchen products that is backed by lifetime warranty.

Regular programming of beauty products review will go live soon. 🙂

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