The Marry Month of June


As a former wedding planner and coordinator, the month of June always meant a fully booked schedule for me. Although, in our very tropical country, the real month for weddings is December. I always had more weddings to do in December than I ever had in June. But the truth of the matter is there will always be something about being a June bride. It has gotten its way into every girl’s head the moment they learned to play the silly FLAMES matching game back in grade school. It could possibly be rooted back to this even sillier saying… “When you marry in June, you’re a bride all your life and the bride groom who marries in June gets a sweetheart for a wife.”

One of the things that I was very particular about when I do full coordination is the wedding videography. I make sure I give my bride and groom the options and they pick out the best wedding videographer from my list that fits their wedding theme. After all, the wedding event will only be for two hours or so and what they will leave with them are the memories via the photos and wedding video they can always go back to through the years.

Here is a wedding reality video by Buddy Gancenia. This particular video is set apart from all the traditional wedding videos we all got used to. It’s fun, real and it maintains the individuality of the characters without taking away the romance in the equation. Watch it and you’ll love it. 😀


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